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Outside The Lines - Beth Rhodes

I hate when I do this to myself.  Only a few chapters, I think. Next thing you know, it's morning and I cannot be a fully functioning adult. Because--book.


I had pre-purchased Outside the Lines and noticed as I was going to bed that it downloaded at midnight. I thought I'd read a few chapters before bed. BIG MISTAKE. There was never a good place to stop reading! My heart just hurt for these characters and at times I was tempted to jump ahead to see how they made it work, because there was too much pain to wade through before they got there. For me, David and Maria w well-drawn and I totally understood what was keeping them apart emotionally.

On the outside, this is a secret baby book, but the baby isn't secret for long. As I read through it, I thought it was more of a Beauty and the Beast story, because while the hero is fabulous looking, he's a beast inside, and it takes a special, patient, loving woman to tame what ails him. A truly fabulous read (and worth losing sleep over).

Source: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B017OF2LBE?ref_=cm_rdp_product
Untouchable (Entangled Ignite) - Cindy Skaggs
"Logan felt it, even if he wanted to deny it. His pupils were dilated and he stared at her like she was chocolate and tomorrow was the first day of Lent. Sure, she might be forbidden, but no one could withstand temptation forever. Not when it was so close. The car roared to life as Logan started it back onto the road. So he thought to ignore the attraction? Good luck. He might be a rule follower, but Sofia wasn’t. He didn’t stand a chance in hell."

Bad Fame - Poems

Bad Fame - Poems - Martin McGovern I am stunned by the images. I held back reading this until I "had time," like it was dessert to be savored. And indeed, it should be savored, but more like a favorite cup of tea that you sit down with day after day, not something to be doled out in penny-pinching fashion. It's marvelous, and I should have enjoyed it sooner.

There's something about the vivid line that draws me to any written work, and so I was immediately drawn in by the first poem, Today: "The air is unhinged, I believe, and full of jazz." Yet in Bad Fame, each poem leads to yet another perfect line:

"Your silhouette is sewn into the lace curtain," he writes in a later poem. Yes! What a visual, what a memory to store.

There are so many images see, and so many questions he posits. It's a beautiful collection of poems and I'm the richer for having it near me to savor.